1. Falling
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Falling by Keri Johnson

Give them up- your kisses sweet as candy, need them like a drug
Sober up, don't wanna come back down, so baby please don't stop

Warm me up- wanna crawl inside your arms, just wrap me in your love
It's enough- you make me feel so safe I can be myself

And the world won't wait- we're part of this expanding space
If it's our last day on earth, let it be face to face

And I'm falling in love with you
Never found a love so true

And I'm falling in love with you
And I know you feel it too

Fill my cup, pour your love into me wanna drink it up
Melting hot, underneath your fingers, how I need your touch

Light me up, eyes that see into me, burning like the sun
Linger on, make this moment last so baby take it slow